"I am pretty bad with geography.  I went to religious schools growing up,

                                                           and the schools emphasized religion over geography. During one of my

                                                           game plays, the game dictated me to visit Atar, Mauritania. I had no clue

                                                           where the heck Atar was!  And I did not want to announce out loud

                                                           “I need help finding Atar”, because other players might see me getting close to Atar and toss a nasty Action Card at me.  That left me reading the informational card for clues.  The info on the card talked about “The Blue Eye of Africa” and the Sahara desert.  I coyly look at the game board, and Bingo! I found Atar on the northwest side of Africa.  The game was secretly teaching me geography, and I know what the The Blue Eye of Africa is." 

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Ava, creator of the board game 'Travel Explore Discover,'

joins Alicia Nieves on Cheddar Innovates to discuss how

she came up with the idea for this informative and 

educational board game, and how she's using the proceeds

to give back to her community.

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While Travel Explore Discover is a game about international travel, Ava found that making the game itself was also a bit of a journey.

When she began developing Travel Explore Discover in 2017, Ava's goal was to inspire curiosity about the world beyond our familiar borders. But now, as the COV-ID-19 pandemic upends international travel, her game is a unique way to bring the world to families directly, right at their dining room tables. 

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Travel Explore Discover Global Edition is a fun, interactive board game that is perfect for players age 6 and up. In this adventurous game, players learn about exotic cities, visit natural and man-made

monuments all while learning about all the amazing things that can be found in the world. The goal of the game is for each player to plan and complete a trip based on the destinations drawn by the player. It is a game of adventure and strategy.  View full article on Daily Mom





"So much fun and I love that you learn something along the way!"

            - Tristian B.                                                

         "I like that it teaches you about geography & places you never knew existed."

                    - Jasper P.


"I love traveling and playing games. With "Travel Explore Discover"

I can do both things at once. Plus, I can help other kids that are not as lucky as me. I play the game with my family and friends an we had sooo much fun! Last time I won! 

Great pictures and interesting facts about the places. Maybe one day I can see them in real. San Francisco would be fun!"

- Fiona E.

                                                      "It is a very fun way to learn to plan your trips, and learn                                                                     different cities and their features."

- Karan B.                  

"We get to learn a lot of interesting trivia about

so many exciting places in the world."

                                                                                   - Viraf P.